Give each song its own character and each character her own song

Musical Theatre Writing LESSONS

     In our one-on-one online lessons:

  • Get guidance and input on writing applications to musical theatre writing programs like NYU and BMI, among others.
  • Receive feedback on new material you're working on, like a particular song or scene. I offer specific, goal-oriented and directed feedback and suggestions on how to strengthen your material
  • Take those first steps to start your first musical and finally put pen to paper and write “Act One Scene One.”
  • Develop music theory topics that will expand your arsenal of composition techniques so you have more options in your writing, more ways to express yourself.
  • One-on-one online lessons. 


I have twenty years experience working in the musical theatre community in NYC. I’ve been part of a musical’s development at every stage: from the writing process, to staged readings and rewrites, to auditions, rehearsals, previews, performances and cast album recordings.

I believe in working to give the writer more tools in their tool chest – more compositional and lyric-writing techniques that will expand their emotional vocabulary. I believe the key to great writing, especially in music, is working “inside out,” to hit on the emotional specificity of the scene or song: going deeper than just “sad, happy, frustrated, angry." Drilling down to a more precise emotional state leads to creating music that is as specific and unique as that emotional state. 

This gives each song its own particular character and each character her own particular song, her own voice.