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Through the Looking Glass (Original Cast Recording): CD
  • Through the Looking Glass (Original Cast Recording): CD
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Book, Music & Lyrics by John Mercurio

Conceived & Developed by Andrew Kato

Based on characters created by Lewis Carroll

A contemporary retelling of Lewis Carroll’s classic, Through the Looking Glass tells the story of junior high schooler Alice who is having trouble fitting in at school. Her classmates bully and tease her and perhaps worst of all, ignore her entirely. Frustrated and eager to find some answers, Alice uses her imagination to step through her bedroom mirror for a visit to Looking Glass land. Along her journey, Alice meets a host of classic Carroll characters including the Red Queen, the Tweedles, the Caterpillar and Humpty Dumpty, each of whom reveals a certain aspect of Alice’s personality that she must come to terms with: ingenuity, creativity and compassion, but also fear and impatience. As she learns to rejoice in all the parts of herself, she is finally ready to go home and face her sister and her peers with her new-found pride and self-acceptance.

Production Premiere:

Through the Looking Glass premiered October 12, 2012 at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre in Jupiter Florida. Photos and videos courtesy of the Maltz Jupiter Theatre.

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