Glimpses of the moon

Music by John Mercurio 

Book & Lyrics by Tajlei Levis 

Directed by Marc Bruni

A sparkling romantic musical, Glimpses of the Moon follows the jazzy whirl of New York society in 1922. Popular but penniless, Suzy and her friend Nick devise the ultimate fundraising scheme—to marry and live off the wedding presents, while they continue to look for suitable millionaires. The plan works perfectly — until they fall in love.

Reviews from MetroStage Production (Alexandria, VA): 

"Pop, fizz, deliriously good. Mash up the sensibilities of Gatsby and Thoroughly Modern Millie; pour over jazz-kissed show tunes laced with interesting harmonies (John Mercurio); stir in a witty book and lyrics (Tajlei Levis) — especially dazzling when cross-talking lyrics float on the intricate score; and before you can say, "Gilded Age" or "Roaring Twenties," you have Metro Stage’s ‘ champagne cocktail ‘ season opener, Glimpses of the Moon, a romantic musical comedy based on the Edith Wharton novel…" 

"If this production is any indication, Glimpses of the Moon will find its way into the repertoires of regional professional and community theatres across the country."
- Gary McMillan, DC Theatre Scene 


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"…this fast-paced musical is a clever, sophisticated and captivating dish served up with a huge scoop of humor. The music, on par with Sondheim’s best, supported the plot with 16 dazzling numbers…!"  
- Jordan Wright, Alexandria Times  

"MetroStage puts on a dazzling, transporting show...Glimpses of the Moon crackles with wit and barbed cultural references... [It] confirms that real love is blind and can overcome financial hurdles -- and also that new, quality theater isn't just the preserve of the better-known, better-funded and better-located institutions... John Mercurio's very contemporary score... is buoyant. ... 'Until we find love, we'll have a lovely time' perfectly captures the feeling you'll have leaving the theater, stepping out into the moonlight..."  
- Doug Rule, Metro Weekly  

"An irrepressible ode to happiness...wonderfully witty and whimsical... The music is sparkling and the jazz smolders… a lovely tribute to 'modern' matrimony and the charming chicanery of the wealthy, both old and new."  
- Jolene Munch Cardoza, The Washington Examiner  

Reviews from New York Production:  

- Yahoo Broadway  

"Every New Yorker should go to the Oak Room at The Algonquin Hotel at least once there will probably never be a better reason to go than Glimpses of the Moon, a new Jazz-age musical currently playing the Oak Room every Monday night."  
- New York Press   

"It plays only on Monday nights but elicits a Sunday kind of love."  
- John Simon,  

"A delicious evening of entertainment."  
- Fern Siegel, Huffington Post  

"Glimpses of the Moon has already bested most of the current crop of musicals for civilized entertainment"  
- Michael Dale,  

"With its slick direction, polished cast and agreeable storyline, it's hard to imagine Glimpses of the Moon not finding another home after its run is over at the Oak Room."  
- Paulanne Simmons,  

"Best of all about Glimpses of the Moon: It's intelligent"  
"It's an off-Broadway musical in the way that off-Broadway musicals used to be derived from lofty literary works, and taking the high road in being smart."  
- Peter Filichia,  

"This is one of the best new musicals I've seen in ages. Highly recommended for those who love great musical theatre."  
"...A well-crafted, witty musical comedy... a sparkling valentine to the Jazz Age."  
"The cast of six is flawless, all singing and acting to perfection. Composer John Mercurio captures the jazzy-flair of the 1920s' glorious music-well-suited to bookwriter Levis' marvelously clever lyrics."  
- Duncan Pflaster,  

"Exploding with charm and infectious songs - an evening of classy, frothy entertainment... "Glimpses of the Moon offers a whiff of honesty that takes musical theater back where it belongs."  
- Amy Krivohlavek,  

"The performances are delicious...Go see it now!"  
- Arlene McKanic, Greenwich Village Gazette  

"...clever and intelligent...a droll comedy...makes a pleasant evening's diversion."  
- Steven Suskin, Variety  

"The show's creators- aided by Lisa Zinni's era-celebratory costuming and Denis Jones cleverly compacted choreography...conjure such a charmed world, it seems a pity it must evanesce like the bubbles off a gin fizz."  
- Sandy MacDonald, 

"I loved it...a dizzy delight of a musical.. a champagne flute of sparkling songs."   
"Glimpses of the Moon is deliciously old-fashioned but refreshingly original at the same time."  
"Tajlei Levis and John Mercurio have done a marvelous job of creating this dizzy delight of a musical. With a champagne flute of sparkling songs, and a book that skillfully keeps the proceedings moving briskly, these [writers] should be watched very closely."  
"Um, hello producers, did I hear the phrase Off-Broadway transfer?"  
"A one-of-a kind New York experience - Don't miss getting a glimpse of this moon!"  
- Bixby Elliot,  

"As soon as we hear composer John Mercurio's first Gershwinian piano chords and see Lisa Zinni's authentic looking costumes, we settle comfortable into the 1920s, and the bright-eyed cast and almost Wodehouse-like plot do nothing to dispel the spell."  
- Jon Sobel,  

Praise for Levis and Mercurio:

"Tajlei Levis has spun her book and lyrics on Wharton's solidity and, together with John Mercurio's deliciously apt music, fashioned a charmingly successful musical.  Glimpses of the Moon is delightful."  
- Eugene Paul,