Diva Diaries

Music & Lyrics by John Mercurio  

Book by Jem Jender, Andrew Kato, &  John Mercurio  

Conceived & Developed by Andrew Kato 

Orchestrations by Stephen Oremus

Meet Randee, Damsel and Cleareen: three dynamic drag performers on the verge of a nervous breakdown when they show up for work and learn the club where they’ve worked together for twenty five years is closing. As they prepare backstage for their final performance, they decide to set the record straight and spill secrets and stories they’ve kept for years. Soon enough the feathers are flying. 

With a little help from their younger counterparts, Diva Diaries moves from the past and the present, filling in the gaps in the old girls’ memories. More than just flashbacks, these reenactments serve as revelations of how things really went down, instead of how they choose to remember. But in the end, the three divas come to realize that more than a series of disappointments and triumphs, their years together have been about creating a family: not born or married into but created by showing up year after year, with patience and love. 

Diva Diaries has an energetic pop score with songs and production numbers evoking the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s – the decades our divas spent together. With outrageous costumes, high-energy choreography and wigs and heels to boot, Diva is a celebration of friendship, family and fabulous fun. 

“Terrifically entertaining in a Neil Simon-on-estrogen sort of way, full of good-natured bitchery and zingers delivered with the skill and impact of Zeus hurling thunderbolts from Mt. Olympus.” -Chicago Tribune  

“A cross between The Birdcage and A Chorus Line…you’ll laugh harder than you ever remember laughing.” -Tampa Tribune